Silicone Printing Pads

The pad is the most important element of pad printing. In brief that pad takes the ink from the plate and deposits it onto the object to be printed. The quality of pad printing pads can vary but at Padtec our 40 years of experience ensures that our pads are the best on the market. Padtec manufactures all its pads in house by our specialist team. Although we have a range of over 2000 pad moulds we can also design a 'bespoke' to complete the job.

At Padtec we recognise the importance of delivery speed which is why we dispatch within 3-5 days and urgent orders can be dispatched in 48 hours.

We use only the finest raw materials and offer a range of hardnesses from Shore 0030 (very soft) to Shore 0080 (very hard), as well as a variety of rubbers.

Very soft pads are ideal for use on fragile surfaces such as glass whereas our harder pads are ideal for printing on structured surfaces or for high speed printing machines, as they tend to vibrate less because of the hardness of the rubber.

All of our pads are of a very high quality ensuring they are extremely durable. This produces excellent printing results at a cost efficient price.


How do Padtec ensure they are the market leaders in Pad Quality?

At Padtec we are lucky to have a highly experienced team that have worked for the companies for many years. Our quality control ensures that every pad that leaves our factory has been manufactured to the highest standards, checking meticulously for any impurities or defects in the rubber. 

How long do the Padtec pads last for?

Due to the high quality of our printing pads they are extremely durable. However different factors come into play when predicting how long they will last. Pads are obviously one component of the pad printing process that can be changed regularly and easily to ensure a clear print. If a pad is used non-stop then wear an tear can be common. Life expectancy of a pad can be longer if using a single component ink. If the object being printed has very sharp corners or extreme angles then the pad may not last quite as long.

How can I extend the life expectancy of a pad?

Careful storage of the pad is very important. A pad must be stored on its base and should not be exposed to direct light, extreme heat or extreme cold. Pads should never be stacked on top of each other and all pads must be cleaned before storage.

How can I clean my printing pads?

After around 8 hours use clean the pad with a pad print cleaner and treat with silicone oil before storing it carefully for 8 hours. Do not use solvent to clean printing pads.


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