Cliche Plates

The cliché plate plays a key roll in the pad printing process. The cliche plate, also known as a printing plate, contains the art work that is then printed onto the desired object.

Our experienced staff will work with you to design and develop a cliché plate to match your exacting needs. This is a completely bespoke service.

We manufacture four types of cliché plates from Polymer and Thin Steel to the more durable Thick Steel.

If your requirement is for a very high specification, with a high level of detail and a need for extensive use we will then use Ceramic cliché plates.



How often do I need to change my printing plate?

The life of a printing plate is dependent on several factors. Mainly how frequently the doctor blade comes into contact with the plate and with what pressure. In addition to this however the ink colour and type can also have an impact on the lifespan of the plate. 

Do Padtec manufacture printing plates for all makes of pad printing machines?

Yes we work with our customers to ensure that your printing plate is competely compatable with the time of pad printing machine that you are using.

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