Padtec supplies pads to a vast array of companies and industries. Some are listed below:

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Pad printing is extremely popular with the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Medical devices can be easily printed including syringes, injection device bags, pumps, transfusion sets, inhalers, contact lenses and catheters to name a few. We are able to supply pads suitable to printing on glass, metal or plastic medical devices.

Caps and Closures

Fast and accurate printing can be achieved using the pad printing method for printing on bottle caps and closures. The ability to quickly change the design and ink lends itself well to this fast moving industry.

Electrical and Audio

Pad printing is an ideal way of marking all manner of electrical and audio equipment. From electrical appliances like TV's, remotes and key boards to electronic cables and connectors. 


Padtec are able to supply printing pads for all types of automotive parts from buttons and panels to tools and working guages.

Plastic Injection Mouldings

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