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Padtec supplies laser marking equipment for the medical device and medical instrument industry. All medical components whether metal or plastic require identification and traceability information including serial numbers, bar codes, data matrix codes etc... The WeLase all-in-one laser engraving machine will create a permanent engraved mark on all plastics and metals. The machine is simple to use and can be operated by Everyone, Everywhere on Everything


The WeLase laser marking machine could not be simpler to use. Simply plug it in with no need for assembly or complicated setup. The dedicated ABC lasering software supplied with the machine runs on tablets, laptops and PC's. The software is designed so that anyone can use the machine in less than an hour. Additinoal features and accessories include: automatic height adjustment, positioning preview, positioning accessories and rotary devices for circular items like syringes. 

Laser marking machine for the medical device industry


The compact design of the WeLase laser marking machine ensures it can easily fit into any workspace. There is no compromise on safety and quality: the laser sources fitted in the WeLase are the same as those on our F-series range of lasers, typically used on production lines operating 24/7. The WeLase machine is a maximum security Class 1 laser product. In addition those looking for portability will appreciate the optional travel case and the lightweight compact design for this purpose. For more information on our integrated laser marking machines please contact us on

Laser marking machine for the medical device industry


The WeLase laser marking machine has been designed so that whatever the application there will be a relevant relevant laser source type.

Fibre - for metal engraving and metal cutting

Hybrid - for precious metals

CO2 - for organic metals and plastics

Green - for materials requiring minimum heat when lasered

 The WeLase laser marking machine will engrave text, serial numbers, foreight alphabets, symbols, logos, drawings etc.

Medical device with laser marking for identification and traceability

For more information on the WeLase marking machine or other laser marking machines please contact us

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