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Padtec is the UK’s leading manufacturer of silicone rubber printing pads, bespoke cliché plates and Marabu inks for Pad Printing machines.

Padtec has over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of silicone pads for the pad printing industry and supplies printing pads throughout the whole of Europe.

What is Pad Printing?

Pad printing is a photogravure process involving a silicone rubber printing pad to transfer a chosen image from a steel etched plate onto the desired product.

Pad printing is widely used on medical devices, automotive parts and uneven surfaces like golf balls due to the flexibility of the silicone used to produce the pads.

The process involves images being etched onto printing or cliché plates, the cliché is then coated with ink using an ink spatula. The ink is then removed by the doctor blade leaving ink only in the image of the cliché.  The pad then presses down onto the cliché picking up the ink from the image and transferring it to the part being printed.

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With over 40 years manufacturing in the industry our in house production team has a wealth of experience and can offer a bespoke design service to ensure any printing requirement can be met. From the simplest of part marking to the most complicated decorative printing we have in stock over 2000 moulds that we can you help you select from.

Our team will ensure that they consider shape, firmness, rubber qualitites (including antistatic materials), the printing applilcation involved and the relevant ink for the desired result. 

In addition we offer a bespoke cliché plate manufacturing service.

Laser Marking from padtec ltd

Padtec Ltd supplies the WeLase all-in-one laser marking solution. Ideal for all medical devices and surgical instruments this machine can be used by anyone, anywhere on anything. The WeLase machine is compact and easy to use giving you a permanent identifcation and traceability mark on nearly all materials including metal and plastic.


Introducing Handheld Inkjet Printers for versatile, cordless printing onto many surfaces. This innovative, light, handheld device will achieve a permanent mark and can be used in remote locations. Popular industries include concrete products, pipes, pallets and shipping crates, glass and plastic bottles. 



Tampatex TPX

Padtec is delighted to announce the launch of Tampatex TPX pad printing ink by Marabu Ink. This revolutionary ink offers clothes manufacturers a quick and easy solution to label printing.

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