Silicone Printing Pads

Padtec manufactures all its pads in house with a range of 2000 pad moulds. We dispatch within 3-5 days and urgent orders can be dispatched in 48 hours.

If your needs cannot be met by one of our standard pads we can design and manufacture a ‘bespoke’ to complete the job.

We use only the finest raw materials and offer a range of hardnesses from Shore 0030 (very soft) to Shore 0080 (very hard), as well as a variety of rubbers.

Very soft pads are ideal for use on fragile surfaces such as xxxx whereas our harder pads are ideal for printing on structured surfaces or for high speed printing machines, as they tend to vibrate less because of the hardness of the rubber.

All of our pads are of a very high quality ensuring they are extremely durable. This produces excellent printing results at a cost efficient price.

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